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Task Trainers, Inc.

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What We Do

Since 1982, Task Trainers, Inc. has helped organizations address a broad range of human performance and organizational development needs. We know that well-designed and well-executed training is often the key to helping a company implement new business initiatives and meet strategic goals. Our training and consulting services help successful organizations effectively address concepts that are changing the ways business is done and the ways products are produced. Major reasons for implementing our training development include:

· New Technology & Machine Design
· Complex Automation Techniques
· Remaining Competitive in the Global Economy · Computer-Driven Data Interfaces

Creating a Flexible Workforce

When employees move into new jobs, they need to add different skills as they acquire expertise in the new position. Technical workers may need to add skills that build on those from a previous position or develop entirely new skill sets and expertise. Our competency-based training development process builds systems that supports the training needs of each employee and the overall organization.

These training systems allow for workers to enter a training program at the point that is the most appropriate in relation to their prior experience and training and progress until they have successfully mastered the skills their positions now require. We also focus the training on unique job skills and worker tasks. This allows you to train employees to become successful in a new job in the shortest time possible.

Job Rotation & Transfer

Some organizations use job rotations as part of a career development process that supports broad employee and organizational goals. In this process, employees are challenged to grow and develop in new areas. Likewise, the organization is challenged to maximize its competitive advantage from the collective experience of its workforce. An intentional effort to realize these goals involves creating the types of skill transfer programs Task Trainers is known for providing.

New Employees

Training new employees is a critical task that requires time and resources. In a competitive, global economy, many organizations are hiring more part-time or temporary employees and expecting them to perform at the same skill levels as their full-time coworkers. We help you develop training systems that train every new employee in the skills they need for on-the-job success. Our proven approach to designing and implementing technical training helps new employees become productive workers in less time and at less cost to the company. Every new employee (regardless of background or previous training) needs to understand:

· The Goals of Your Organization · The Requirements of His/Her Work Area · Skills Necessary to Perform His/Her Job

Always Improving

Regardless of motivation, continuous improvement efforts involve employees working together to define better, more efficient ways to do their work. These recommendations often streamline work instructions, define more effective production procedures, and reorganize how tasks are done. In each case, workers need training to maximize their potential for improvement.

Our development process uses small group analysis to help employees define your organization's work systems, processes, and individual jobs in terms of the tasks performed. We then help these employee teams to analyze each task and define the most efficient procedure to maximize quality, reduce costs, and standardize production methods and procedures. Continuous improvement efforts may be driven by internal quality control, an ISO/QS 9000 certification process, or something else entirely.