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Task Trainers, Inc.

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Phase One: Planning

A competency-based training system requires data on and analysis of performance problems. Task Trainers, Inc. uses structured group interviews to separate problems that can be resolved with training from those that cannot. We begin building a strong team of committed workers from the start of the project.


Schedule Your Needs Analysis

Our projects start with a needs analysis. We assess your workplace and existing training to define the scope of the project proposed, and then tailor a proposal to suit your unique circumstances.  Your proposal will include timelines, staffing, resources, and a detailed budget outlining the costs for developing a complete training system.

Returns on Your Training Investment

One of the most difficult aspects to determine for training is the return on investment (ROI). The vast number of variables that may (or may not) be directly tied to training can be hard to quantify as specific dollar amounts. However, TTI will work with your staff to objectively define the expected costs and benefits before the training program is developed, allowing you to make informed decisions on various approaches to consider and select as the project progresses.

Team Planning