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Task Trainers, Inc.

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Implementation & Evaluation

Phase Four: Implementation & Evaluation

Task Trainers, Inc. typically supports projects through the fourth and final phase of implementing and evaluating training. We work with your organization to field test the training materials, to verify material sequencing and structure are suitable for trainee use and success, and to identify where adjustments are needed in the analysis or design phase recommendations. Materials are revised as necessary. In this process, your in-house trainers get to practice and improve their skills with guidance and mentoring from our experienced staff.

Training Evaluation & Revision

In this model, training and training materials review and revision are continual and ongoing. Continuous review and upgrading of learning materials must occur in real time as improvements in equipment and procedures are implemented. The review process ensures that relevance is tested continually to keep your training materials current.

An evaluation plan is developed for the project when specified by the client. An evaluation system may be implemented to assess trainee satisfaction, to assess mastery of performance, to assess transfer of training skills into the workplace, or at any other level necessary to meet the client needs.