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Task Trainers, Inc.

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Our Philosophy

The Task Trainers, Inc. Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide workers with quality training experiences and the opportunity to work in environments that promote collaboration, communication, and participation.  In these conditions, we have determined that worker performance will achieve higher levels of productivity and quality than is realized by most employers.

Adopting the competency-based training model we advocate can improve a client’s bottom line by providing highly trained, efficient workers who produce more work with less waste – a powerful combination.  Additionally, the workplace tends to foster a focus on innovation and profitability in ways that were previously unattainable.

Core Beliefs

Task Trainers, Inc. believes in:

· The Value of the Individual Worker
· The Value of a Well-Trained Workforce
· The Success of All Employees Given Quality Training Materials, Trainers, & Time to Learn
· Quality Training Materials
· Effective Trainers
· Time to Learn

Management, technology, and workplace culture are all considered in the design of your training system.  Our flexible training delivery model reaches those who need training, while the job-centered design guarantees performance.