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Phase Two: Analysis

Once the project scope has been planned and approved, the training system support requirements are analyzed to determine the organization and operation of the workforce. Task Trainers, Inc. conducts this analysis to identify what the employee must know and do to effectively meet performance requirements for a job, to produce the product, or to operate a system. It is important to note that incumbent workers are involved in identifying and verifying all of the information in the job, system, or process analyses related to their position in the organization.

Businesswomen Analyzing Data

Perform Job/System/Process Analysis

The job/system/process analyses identify the essential job duties and tasks that are critical for workers to perform. For existing jobs, a list of tasks is developed and verified by a panel of workers who actually perform the jobs. The accuracy of the information developed is verified through research of supporting technical documentation and reference materials.  This approach also is used to capture performance data for new equipment and systems.

Conduct Task Analysis

After the job/system/process analyses are complete, each task identified must have a detailed review with subject matter experts. During this task analysis, performance steps are identified along with related knowledge, safety, key points, equipment, and standards necessary to perform the task. As in the job analysis, workers are again the primary source for gathering and verifying the information.

Task Trainers, Inc. has extensive experience conducting task analysis using small group sessions and one-on-one interviews. Regardless of the approach used, our consultants assist workers to identify and detail the steps involved when performing the critical tasks identified during the job/system/process analysis.

Analysis Data

As each step in a task performance is detailed, data are also gathered on the related knowledge, safety considerations, special tools, and performance standards necessary for the performance of each task to be considered correct and complete. The data from this analysis are used to determine training material content, to set training performance standards, and to develop performance evaluations. OSHA process safety management, ISO 9000 requirements, and QS 9000 requirements can also be addressed at this time to facilitate job procedures and work instructions. TTI staff members are ready to specifically develop procedures and work instructions within the scope of a project, if desired.

The analysis data are used to identify work skills and reference material for a wide array of workplace needs and settings. The methodology employed by TTI is suited to workforces engaged in maintenance work, operations/production work, production and support work, and so on. The involvement of job incumbents in the analysis and development phases of a project ensures a quality product for your organization.