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Task Trainers, Inc.

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Training Overview

Training Details

Task Trainers, Inc. works in partnership with our customers to build successful competency-based training programs.  Our approach ensures that the training we develop is job-, system-, and process-specific for your business applications. We blend the knowledge and expertise that you and your workers have of your work processes with our knowledge and expertise in instructional design and the development of customized training systems. 

Create Job Specific Training

You and your employees are the subject matter experts who provide the technical details that are essential to effective job training.  We use our training development process to work with your subject matter experts to develop a training system that is accurate, focused, and measured to meet your training needs.  In most cases, our services will begin to produce results within the initial phases of project work. Examples of savings include:

· Improved Yield
· Reduced Cycle Time
· Reduced Reworking
· Improved On-Time Delivery
· Improved Customer Satisfaction
· Reduced Scrap Rate
· Reduced Training Time
· Improved Quality

Areas of Training

We use our analysis process to help our customers identify where any ambiguous or conflicting information or processes exist.  We help them examine the flow of work within and across production department boundaries to provide a unique view of how work is done.  Through this work we provide our customers with a range of products and services in several areas of training development.  Specific examples include:

· Work Instructions, Job Procedures, and Job Safety Analysis
· Troubleshooting and Process Flow Charts
· Learning Guides and On-the-Job Training (OJT)
· Job Aids and Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)
· Train-the-Trainer Workshops
· Delivering In-House Training