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Design & Development

Phase Three: Design & Development

After the information gathered in the previous analysis phase is reviewed, we develop an overall plan for training program design. During this stage, Task Trainers, Inc. helps you determine the most effective sequences and methods to be used in your training. Plans are also developed to integrate technical training with any social skills or managerial training if desired. In-house trainers are also selected and trained for their roles within the training system. Finally, we will integrate any simulations, computer-based training, multimedia, video, or other media.

Program Design & Support Maintenance Systems

In the design and development phase of a project, the tailored approach to the new training system is established and the work of material development to support the analysis findings begins. As part of system design, a methodology is developed that will maintain and support the training system through the project and beyond. Considerations for this activity include defining requirements for:

· Personnel (Developers, Trainers, Secretarial Support, Etc.)
· Training for the Personnel
· Training Facilities
· Production Capability (Computer Hardware and Software, Copiers, Etc.)
· Integration of Training Information with Corporate Records

Training Development

Material Development

As the program design is completed, training materials are developed. Well-developed materials will focus on what an employee needs to know and do, reduce the time needed to train, lower training costs, and increase productivity. During this phase, learning materials including performance objectives, information sheets, performance checks, and knowledge checks are developed to ensure a trainee will gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform each task. The material can be developed in many formats, including:

· Learning Guides
· Work Instructions
· Multimedia
· Computer-Based Instruction (CBT)
· Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS)

From Classroom to Corporate

Successful training systems often combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training, implemented and monitored by a structured support system. At the foundation of TTI’s philosophy, this approach is a cornerstone to our projects.  TTI also supports the identification, selection, and training of in-house trainers for both training facilitation and OJT trainer roles.